What to look for with Baby Video Monitors

So, you’ve decided to treat yourself to a baby video monitor, but you’re not sure what to look for? The salespeople at local Toys-R-Us and similar lines where you can find these products often try to sell what they have the most of in stock, but you should know at least what to lean towards before you spend your money.

Video Monitoring options – The picture quality is the number one thing to look for when you’re picking a baby monitor. If you can’t get a clean picture at least two or three rooms away, than try to stay away from that product and look for something of higher quality. Products like Samsung’s quality cameras can transmit the video up to 900ft, barring any interferences from other devices. Motion detect powered sleep/standby option will also make your camera run a lot longer before you need to charge it, so that’s another thing to look out for when you buy a baby monitor.

Audio Monitoring options – Audio quality is another point to look for, and while most products to fairly well in this area, it’s important to know which ones are NOT doing well. Do your reasearch before purchace, check out the amazon comments before you commit to buying a product. The whole point of the monitor is to allow you to react quickly, and you can’t do that if the device is too silent on your end, or if it does not pick up on the noises from the baby’s room. Some even offer two-way communication, like a walkie talkie, allowing you to start soothing your baby even before you enter her room.

Design – These things are supposed to go into the baby’s room, so they’re not supposed to have sharp edges. Smooth and sturdy should be the name of the game, the size of the LCD screen the overall coloring. A camera is supposed to seamlessly fit into the room, so it does not attract too much attention of your baby, reducing the chances she’d try to play with it.

Help and Support – If your baby monitoring device has advanced options and features, you want them fully documented, so you can make the most out of them. It doesn’t help if the documents you get are incomplete or hard to understand. Talk to the salesman and see if he can help you understand everything the device offers before you take it home – if he can’t manage reading through the instructions and features, it’s more likely than not that this is not a product that you want at home. Tech support, while not as crucial as, let’s say, for computers, is still pretty high on the list of priorities if you encounter problems with the baby video monitor you bought.

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